Single Point of Information

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Single Point of Information mit PLATO e1ns

Communication barriers and misunderstandings are often the reasons behind product delays and errors. Keep an eye on everything with PLATO e1ns: Project management, system model, action tracking, document storage, information output and development methods, all combined in one central, web-based software application.

The single point of information answers the engineering teams' questions about projects, key figures, products and risks. You get easy access and understanding of all engineering information, regardless of the source. All information in PLATO e1ns is full-text indexed and thus considerably facilitates the search.

  • Easy, fast access to all information
  • Search with full text
  • Use of the web browser
  • Worldwide access
  • Minimized installation costs
  • Extensive filter options

PLATO e1ns is a database software. By linking the methodological framework with the system model, every person involved has easy access to relevant, updated data and documents. Using the web browser also enables worldwide access and minimizes installation costs.

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