Mastering complexity.

Skalierbarkeit mit PLATO e1ns

PLATO e1ns technology is scalable in several ways. The system's architecture and openness are designed to grow with customer requirements. For example, changes in the number of users (e.g. 5 to 50,000 users simultaneously), the size and number of product and process data can be responded to quickly.

Successful companies react quickly to new requirements and conditions. They also individually adapt quality and analysis methods for product development to the current situation:

  • Adaptable to corporate and industry requirements
  • Individual structure of form and data relationships
  • Own calculation models and catalogues
  • Optimization of standard methods
  • Individual evaluation and views of data

PLATO e1ns.methods - The Tool Box

Use PLATO e1ns.methods to supplement the existing standard methods individually with calculations, additional data and evaluations

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