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The template management.

Lessons Learned mit PLATO e1ns

Studies show that a considerable proportion of working time is invested in search processes (see Hauke "Productive handling of knowledge"). Not only small and medium-sized companies but also many of the large companies often fail in their attempt to pass on knowledge in a structured manner. Only through the consistent use of templates can newly acquired knowledge be quickly incorporated into current and future projects.

Existing FMEAs for known products and processes, often referred to as generic, baseline or family FMEAs, can be used as a basis for new analyses to ensure that knowledge gathered over the product life cycle and known performance limitations are not re-examined. The analyses and evaluations taken over must be examined in detail with regard to the respective application and the findings already gained from the known application (Lessons Learned).

With e1ns.templates, PLATO is the only FMEA software manufacturer to offer this Lessons Learned process for reusing knowledge. The time and effort required to create and maintain FMEAs is minimized by the use of templates adapted to the needs of system analysis and risk management. The existing knowledge is used for new FMEAs, avoiding previously detected errors and costly product recalls. e1ns.templates enables centralized, web-based provisioning for enterprise-wide uniform operation and worldwide availability with low search effort. In a regulated procedure, templates are released and published specifically for the user group. In case of template changes, all users are automatically informed. New findings and experience are thus automatically incorporated into risk management.

PLATO e1ns.methods: Lessons Learned.

Creates templates adapted to the needs of system analysis and risk management, releases them in a regulated procedure and publishes them specifically for the user group.

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