PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder

Creating networks and analyzing relationships in networks

Finding causes with SCIO™-Net-Builder

When a problem arises, it is the task of the risk analysis to estimate the risk and find measures avoid causing damage. It is essential in this case to recognize the causes of the problem and find out what its effects are and which problems could
arise at another location as a consequence.

PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder was developed especially for the analysis of problems and failures. PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder places the problem at the center of attention and also shows the user of the product the surrounding environment, i.e. possible causes from all subsystems and possible effects in the higher-level systems. The users can navigate easily in the visual representations and create cause and effect chains, even in complex systems.

PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder always displays the current failure network as well as well as the corresponding function network. Of course, the FMEA forms are filled in automatically based on the resulting failure network.

Your Benefit

Special editor
  • Special editor for the easy analysis of failures and the creation of failure networks.
  • Fast creation of new failures, causes, and effects.
  • Easy to add new functions.
  • Easy to select and effects from higher-level systems and causes from subsystems.
  • Display of the current failure and function network and automatic update of the FMEA form.
  • Analysis functionality including the visualization of all structures for systems, functions, and failures.
Primary Focus and Functions

Failure analysis and generation of failure networks

  • A failure analysis is based on the system and function analysis performed in PLATO SCIO™-Matrix. The failure analysis can be performed quickly and properly based on the system and function analysis.
  • You can still use the PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder right away even if there is no system analysis available because all functionality needed to create structures and functions is already integrated into it.
  • The current function and failure networks are always displayed graphically for the currently selected function or the currently selected failure.
  • New failures are created quickly and easily or existing failures are suggested and linked together based on the effects relationships.

FMEA forms are filled in automatically

  • The failure network automatically fills in the corresponding FMEA forms at all system levels.
  • The Failure, Cause, and Effect/Damage columns of the FMEA form are filled in.
  • Source information shows which failures of a subsystem lead to the cause and which failures lead to an effect in a higher-level system in the FMEA.

Visualization for the engineering process

  • The strength of PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder is its ability to visually depict relationships.
Branches and Standards

PLATO SCIO™-Net-Builder is used for products and production processes. Primary applications include the automotive, aviation, medical technology, electronics, plant and mechanical engineering, services and the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. SCIO™-Net-Builder operates according to the recommendations of the VDA (Vol. 4).

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