PLATO SCIO™-Inspection-Plan

The module for the efficient test planning.

Fig. 1: Operator inspection plan

An operator inspection plan is the foundation for any measurements taken for quality control purposes in production. The inspection plan documents the features to be checked, test procedures used and persons responsible, among other things. It is the final result of the quality planning process. Data from the control plan (SCIO-Control-Plan) is used as the basis when creating an operator inspection plan.

Main Features and Functions

Creating inspection plans

  • Control plans supply the base data for operator inspection plans.
  • Inspection plans are transferred to an MS Excel template and processed further there.
  • Inspection plans contain a summary of all relevant data found in a control plan for a single workstation or machine.
  • The master data from the control plan is used to create the operator inspection plan.

The control plan supplies the following data for the inspection plan:

  • Master data (object data, numbering)
  • Machine, equipment, device, production tool
  • Product features with tolerances, process features with tolerances
  • Inspection system used
  • Sample size, sampling frequency

User-specific customizations

  • Inspection plans are customized for the company in terms of the contents and layout, if necessary.

PLATO SCIO - Building and sharing a knowledge base

The modules of the PLATO SCIO product family are optimized for their particular application. All modules use a common
database and can add or update data. You can systematically build a knowledge base that is available now for all applications.

PLATO SCIO-Control-Plan is used after the design phase to build prototypes, and is also used in production. Operator inspection plans are then generated based on the data in the PLATO SCIO-Control-Plan.

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