PLATO SCIO™-Control-Plan

PLATO SCIO™-Control-Plan can be used individually for any type of industry Areas of application.

PLATO SCIO™-Control-Plan

PLATO SCIO™-Control-Plan is an instrument used to check and control production processes. In the production control plan, actions and inspection methods used to monitor product and process features are documented. The goal is to achieve stable and controllable processes, and therefore to guarantee the quality of the product.

Branches and Standards

PLATO SCIO-Control-Plan is used in industry for production processes.
QS 9000 and IATF 16949 require the generation of a production control plan. It is required as a PPAP document for the „Production Part Approval Process“ release process.

The FAO/WHO HACCP Standard (ALINORM 97/13A, Annex II) requires the setup of a monitoring system for critical control points. It is the basis for statutory regulations and safety standards in the food industry.

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Main Features and Functions

Fast generation

  • A production control plan is generated automatically based on a process FMEA or a process flow chart.
    Alternatively, you can start with the production control plan without having a process FMEA or process
    flow chart available.
  • Different process steps (from different FMEAs) can be combined in the production control plan to take
    incoming goods and transport steps in to account, for example.
  • You can add or remove process steps at any time without changing any existing FMEAs.
  • Product features are automatically associated with the production processes based on the system

Consistent and up-to-date data

  • A change to or update of process data is automatically propagated to all other forms affected (FMEA,
    process flow chart).
  • Critical process and product features are consistently identified and updated.

Inspection Plans

  • Control plans supply the base data for inspection plans in the module PLATO SCIO-Inspection-Plan.
  • Alternatively, inspection plans are generated in systems from the SAP AG or the Guardus Solutions AG.

Documentation, printing

  • Possible to archive any planning status, even prototypes, pilot series and production series (sign off)
  • Printout via MS Excel. Other file formats include HTML and XML. include the
  • automotive, aviation, medical technology, electronics, plant and mechanical engineering, services and the food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.


PLATO SCIO Data base

The production control plan supplies data for FMEAs, system analyses, and process flow charts through the
central SCIO database. This integration ensures effective and efficient teamwork throughout all departments – revisions and the necessity to maintain more than one database are eliminated.

PLATO SCIO - Building and sharing a knowledge base The modules of the PLATO SCIO product family are optimized for their particular application. All modules use a common database and can add or update data. You can systematically build a knowledge base that is available now for all applications.

PLATO SCIO-Control-Plan is used after the design phase to build prototypes, and is also used in production. Data from the system analysis, process FMEA, and process flow chart are shared with PLATO SCIO-Control- Plan.

Application and Use
  • Used during quality planning and is part of the overall quality process
  • Aids in the manufacture of quality products made according to customer requirements
  • Provides a logical process organization
  • Structured approach to the development and selection of value-creating monitoring methods
  • Provides a complete overview of inspection actions and supplies data for inspection plans
  • Planning and constant updating of the inspection and monitoring system in HACCP studies

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