"We want to bring transparency and system in your development process" is the mission of PLATO. Product development, product variants and the planning of production and assembly quality are complex processes. Only a holistic approach and the detection and imaging of networked data structures and these tasks can help to cope successfully. With PLATO SCIO™ customizable products are developed and produced. PLATO SCIO™ is a family of practical modules that fulfill different requirements and tasks in engineering. The particular success of PLATO SCIO is the central database that can use all the modules together, and the knowledge management and the reuse of knowledge makes it all possible.

PLATO-SCIO™ Risk Management

SCIO™-Portal :

Your quick access to corporate data over the Internet.

SCIO™-Matrix :

The fast and modern method to perform system analysis.


The successful database-based FMEA with integration into business processes.


The safe method for product design changes.

SCIO™-Fault-Tree :

For the effective and creative troubleshooting.

SCIO™-Control-Plan :

Standard-compliant planning and documentation of processes.

SCIO™-Inspection-Plan :

For efficient test planning.

SCIO™-Process-Flow :

For the effective design of processes.

SCIO™-Importer :

FMEA data import safely and quickly from MS Excel.

SCIO™-Template-Manager :

Creation of templates tailored to the needs of the system analysis and risk management.

SCIO™-Methods :

The method kit for your engineering and quality methods.