PLATO e1ns - The Engineering Framework

e1ns.aspects: Model-based System Development

A visual representation to design a system/product.

e1ns.dashboard: Visual performance.

A reliable base to make the right decisions.

e1ns.documents: Engineering assurance.

Control and release of documentation in all phases of the product development.

e1ns.actions: Integrated collaboration.

A solution to manage projects, tasks, and actions in all phases of the product development process.

e1ns.methods: The Methods Tool Box.

Your individual methods Framework. Perfect fit for your development process.

e1ns.architect: Smart connections.

For the rapid and systematic construction of a model of the system architecture.

e1ns.flow: Modeling and visualizing processes.

Your central tool in the process planning phase.

e1ns.output: Engineering proof.

Automated detection and output of result documents. Integrating participants.

Informs all participants quickly and easily via the Internet about the current status of the development and risk management process.

e1ns.templates: Lessons Learned.

Template Management System for System and Risk Analysis

PLATO-SCIO™ Risk Management

SCIO™-Matrix :

The fast method to perform system analysis.


The efficient tool for database-based FMEA with integration into business processes.

SCIO™-Fault-Tree :

The method for effective and creative troubleshooting.

SCIO™-Control-Plan :

Standard conform planning and documentation of processes.

SCIO™-Inspection-Plan :

The module for the efficient test planning.

SCIO™-Process-Flow :

The module for the effective design of processes.

SCIO™-Net-Builder :

Create networks and analyze relationships in networks.

SCIO™-Importer :

FMEA data import safely and quickly from MS Excel.

PLATO-XERI™ Document Management

XERI™-Document Control System:

Systematic Control of Documents. Your industry-independent software solution for document control.