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To expand our services we have a team of PLATO Consultants:

Richard Ryder

PLATO Consultant Richard Ryder

Richard has been a trainer, facilitator, and project manager for over 30 years.  During that time he worked with numerous teams in the areas of product and process improvement, to a large extent in the automotive industry.  Most recently he managed internet infrastructure projects for Hewlett Packard.

Richard has provided training and facilitation for FMEA teams as well as SCIO™ software. He enjoys encouraging discussion and knowledge sharing in technology focused teams.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from The United States Military Academy as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from The University of Michigan.

Bejing DRIT Info Co., Ltd

PLATO Consultant: Bejing DRIT Info Co., Ltd

Beijing DRIT Info CO., Ltd (DRIT) is a young, passionate, and innovative company. With a competent and experienced team, they have offered systemic solutions and engineering service to over 30 end customers who used to be the leading companies and manufacturers in Chinese automobile, railway transportation, medical devices, and industrial equipment industries.

Beijing DRIT business map extends from Beijing, as the headquarter, to North East, East, and South West of China. Long term partnership was built between DRIT and Dassault Systemes, IBM, PLATO etc. to strengthen our position in the market and to provide our clients the optimized solution.


Beijing Huashengyang (HSY) Technology Co. Ltd.

PLATO Consultant: Beijing Huashengyang (HSY) Technology Co. Ltd.

Beijing Huashengyang (HSY) Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994 (previously named as Beijing Yantzi Science and Industry Co,.Ltd and changed to HSY in June 2001) . HSY is located at Hualong Building near the Beijing Zhongguancun High-Tech Park. Beijing as the headquarters, in 2003 they set up our Branch Companies in Changchun, Shanghai and Chongqing respectively. In 2006, HSY registered trademark in the State Intellectual Property Right Bureau. In May 2009, HSY passed ISO 9000 quality assessment. And in 2010, they achieved the level 3 qualification of national system integration. HSY is an experienced system integrator engaged in IT software, hardware sales and implementation.

In the past years, HSY has been focused on China’s machinery manufacturing business, especially the automobile industry. They built up a professional technical support team, which is capable of project consulting, system integration, software skill training, and industrial service outsourcing. And though the team, we helped numbers of clients to find their proper solutions in CAD, CAE, CAM, and PDM. HSY performs trainings of skills and customizes tools and significantly helps their clients to improve their competitiveness through shortening development cycle and product quality enhancement.

Edwin Herter

PLATO Consultant Edwin Herter

Your expert for FMEA, risk management (MED), SCIO and PLATO e1ns. Mr. Herter offers you a qualified software training for all SCIO modules FMEA, Matrix Analysis, Net-Builder, Control or Production Control Plan (CP), Process Flow Chart (PFC) and for the web-based system PLATO e1ns.

Dr. Britta Maid

PLATO Consultant Dr. Britta Maid

fmea compACT offers competent and active support in the field of FMEA. The interdisciplinary services for development and production with a focus on semiconductor, metal processing and aerospace range from training, moderation and coaching to the FMEA strategy.

FMEAplus Akademie

We offer training, consulting and coaching from the basic to expert level and in-house- as well as adapted trainings to your company.

tech-solute GmbH & Co. KG

tech-solute offers cross-industry support in the field of FMEA - from on-site workshop moderation to training courses and customized FMEA strategies. According to the motto "we help when it's burning" the team from Karlsruhe can also offer solutions at short notice.

Werdich Engineering

Werdich Engineering

We offer training, consulting and coaching from the basic to expert level and in-house- as well as adapted trainings to your company.