Integrated Management Systems

PLATO provides a comprehensive solution for an integrated management system (IMS), that allows you to document a variety of management systems and makes it possible to organize, control, merge and harmonize them.

The PLATO solution reduces your costs and boosts the quality of your management systems.

  • organize and harmonize your management systems efficiently and sustainably
  • create acceptance from your team because of the standards and organizational requirements and specifications
  • simplify the management of different engineer standards such as ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 27001 in your organization.
  • reduce the administrative complexity of the management systems through the development of integrated structures and standards for documentation and procedures
  • support the continuous improvement of your management systems with automation, transparency and feedback options
PLATO XERI™ Document Management

XERI™-Document Control System :

Guiding documents with system. Your industry-independent software solution for document control.

XERI™-Rec :

Standard-compliant steering and retention of documents, records and evidence.

Zusatzmodul: XERI™-Extract :

The portal for targeted and controlled document availability.

Zusatzmodul: XERI™-Contract :

Creation and management of contract documents.

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