PLATO History - a great story


PLATO is founded in Lübeck, Germany.


Development of a customer specific software Design of preventive Quality Management software.


Introduction on the market of our FMEA System and QMDC, a Document Management System.


Expansion of our softwares' features by working in projects with our customer.


Volkswagen is buying a FMEA world-wide license. Upgrade of the FMEA software.


Creation of a multilingual version of the FMEA software Launching of the Fault Tree Analysis software.


Creation of the Dortmund (Germany) office. OPEL is buying a FMEA license.

PLATO is growing fast and hired 25 more employees.


DELPHI is buying a European FMEA license.


The Ypsilanti (MI, USA) office and Durham (UK) office opens.

Porsche is buying Matrix license.


The Munich office is opened.

PLATO is launching its SCIO™ suite of engineering tools.


PLATO North America, Inc. signs an agreement with PlanTech, Inc. and moves its activities to Farmington Hill, Michigan.


The SCIO™ product family was expanded with a new Tool for Project Management Launch of the Action Tracking System ERGON and the Document Recording System XERI™ Records.

5.100 participants in PLATO trainings, expansion of PLATO's training and consulting activities.


Development of PROTIS: AUTOMOTIVE, a software for complaints management which has been especially designed to fulfil the requirements of the automotive industry.

Strategic alliance of Guardus Solutions AG and PLATO AG.

Development of an interface between SCIO™ and ERGON.

PLATO's SCIO™ module "SCIO™ Failure Information System" was renamed "SCIO™ Scout" due to substantial enhancement.


Foundation of the new Sales centre Hamburg.

PLATO in a new design (change of Corporate Identity).

Expansion of the product portfolio with the new method DRBFM.


Merck changes from OPUS to XERI™ standard.

The XERI family is complemented by .rec, .extract and .contract.

PLATO invites to the 10th User Conference.


XERI becomes international.

Partnerships with Consideo, Hood and P³.


Johnson Controls introduces SCIO™ worldwide.

Release of XERI 3.0.


Olympus is buying AUDIT.

The world is in a crisis.

Ergon goes AQTIO.


PLATO goes USA. Our dedicated U.S. partners have new successes in the U.S. market.

PLATO evolved from tool vendors to system provider for high quality solutions.


PLATO goes China. The new PLATO system partner Huashengyang Beijing Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. wins FAW-Volkswagen for SCIO.


PLATO moves from Breite Straße to the university district (Maria-Goeppert-Straße 7, 23562 Lübeck, Germany). Our Munich office has improved physically.

PLATO's integration strategy is found, without giving away too much.

SCIO-Methods thrilled.

The first PLATO U.S. user conference in Detroit is a smooth success.


XERI™ has been expanded and is now available as a web based DMS in a new design.

PLATO starts with a webinar series around the PLATO solutions.

In May 2013 PLATO takes part in the first World Conference on Quality and Improvement (WCQI) and leads many interesting discussions in Indianapolis. At the same time PLATO welcomes four new employees at Lübeck.

In October the second edition of the North Amercia PLATO SCIO™ User Conference is held in Michigan / USA.


PLATO e1ns will be represented at the Control in Stuttgart and at the Hannover Messe for the first time. The modern web application is an integrated solution for the optimal design of the product development process. e1ns stands for the common platform on which all engineering teams can work together in product development across different locations.

40 risk management experts met at Dräger Medical in Lübeck. The occasion was the PLATO Network event on the subject Risk Management in the product development process (PEP).

With the new SCIO™ dashboard, key performance indicators help the users to come into action more quickly when risks become apparent or goals can’t be achieved.

XERI™ experts from different industries met at Waldemar Link in Norderstedt.

The webinar proposal received with great interest. Therefore, the range of topics gets broadened and supplemented by English-speaking webinars.

The network of partners in China extended by Beijing DRIT Info Co. Ltd.


New features und improvements were presented with SCIO™ 6.0. With e1ns.aspects, PLATO provides a new graphic module for the model-based development.

With new colleagues in the locations Ottawa and New York, PLATO increases presence in the North American market.

At the network events in Bregenz and Brussels, PLATO presented e1ns - the engineering framework alongside SCIO™.

XERI™ experts meet at Geistlich Pharma AG in Lucerne/Switzerland.


Besides the compact guide for the moderation of design FMEAs, PLATO now offers a compact guide for FMEA team members, including the evaluation catalogue for the Process-FMEA as  free download.

According to the slogan “Let’s come together” PLATO is present on numerous conferences and networks.

With FMEA connected by e1ns, PLATO demonstrates how simple worldwide FMEA creation in teams can be.

In November, PLATO e1ns emerges as the proven best FMEA-Tool from a benchmark study.

Further developments and the new version of e1ns, SCIO™ and XERI™ are available.

The PLATO Conference celebrates its 20th jubilee.

In Ypsilanti, participants meet for the 5th PLATO User Conference.


Lübeck headquarters moves into larger offices due to acute space requirements.

PLATO founds PLATO North America Inc. in Dearborn (Michigan) as a 100% subsidiary company. With this, and with further offices in Boston and Toronto (Canada), PLATO is further expanding its North American market presence.

Again, PLATO AG's FMEA solution is ranked the best tool on the market. In the new edition of the large FMEA software comparison of the FMEA KONKRET, PLATO repeatedly wins in the FMEA software benchmark.

In addition to the specially organized national and international conferences and networks, PLATO is this year increasingly present at exclusive industry- and topic-oriented events.

PLATO Certified Consultants celebrate the 10th anniversary of the consultant workshop, which, in addition to intensive software training, offers consultants an exchange on FMEA and other methods.