HACCP - The zero-error system for food safety

HACCP stands for

  • Hazard
  • Analysis and
  • Critical
  • Control
  • Points.

What is meant is a preventive system that has the purpose of identifying potential health hazards at all stages of food production and mastering.

SCIO™ combines the internationally recognized methods FMEA and HACCP

In GMP regulated areas of risk analyzes are used in the product and process development as a basis for qualification and validation plans.
The aim is to identify all potential product and process risks, assess and classify. Measures to minimize or eliminate the identified risks are developed and defined the critical process parameters.
This procedure controls the scope of testing, thus reducing the amount of testing.

A comparison of the FMEA with the HACCP concept shows that the FMEA is much more variable used by nature as the HACCP concept.
This allows to combine the FMEA steps perfectly with the steps of the HACCP concept.
This means that the systematic FMEA approach the quality of results of HACCP studies significantly increases.

The SCIO™ methodology performs the steps of the FMEA and the HACCP concept together into a methodical approach.The advantages of both methods can be used effectively.
Be emphasized particularly is to link the risk assessment with the risk assessment and subsequent identification of the critical product and process parameters (control points / control points, CP).
On a risk graph all relevant unacceptable risks from the possible dangers are filtered to identify systematically the control points.This combination prevents that a too large number of methods steps or not relevant critical control points (CCPs) can be defined, so that the HACCP system would has become complicated and an unnecessary amount of documentation would produced. Further, SCIO™ establishes the connection between the product and process development and process validation.

SCIO™-Methods :

The method kit for your engineering and quality methods.

We provide you with tools for risk management, document control, audit and management measures that meet the high demands of your industry, the utmost respect.

PLATO SCIO™-Risk Management

Risk and Knowledge Management in the customer-oriented development of products and processes.

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Initiation, implementation, and for the control of measures in your business.

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