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Increasing safety awareness in the customer-supplier relationship, standards as trade receivables, as well as statutory health rules require companies of the agricultural and food sector, the establishment of self-regulation systems in the sense of preventive consumer protection.

The existing and future legal requirements (eg HACCP and ISO 9000) in the field of food industry can only approach by a systematic, a so-called "good manufacturing practice" (GMP), provided that a comprehensive risk management and improvement with includes.
Preventive error prevention measures are essential prerequisites for the successful implementation of the HACCP system. In addition, included in the new comprehensive set of standards of DIN EN ISO 9000. (Form 2000), a process orientation and alignment of all processes on the customer requirements. The increased environmental demands of consumers also complement the complex demands of the business entity.

The PLATO software solutions are a significant step towards fulfilling these requirements represent
They enable inter-enterprise, customer-friendly and HACCP-compliant product and process development and improvement.

PLATO supports you in develop high-quality products and processes. As a solution provider and producer of risk management and document management software, we optimize your business processes.