Engineering proof.


Product files by the press of a button? As a file or an electronic record, as a proof of conformity or as a receipt for customers - e1ns.output ensures the completeness and upto-dateness of your data generated in the product development process.

Depending on the industry or application, these products include:

  • Device master records
  • Risk management file
  • Functional Safety File
  • Technical specifications

e1ns.output is an integrated module for the automated generation of individual files. Master data, results of analyzes or parts thereof are beeing combined and transferred into a structured output format. If necessary, users can add output-specific data during the creation.

Why e1ns.output? Your benefits.

Automated generation of output documents
  • Easy creation of all versions.
  • Easy data collection.
  • During the output creation, data will be entered or setting checks to queries that are only relevant to the issue. Issue-specific data is stored and can be used in the next issue again.
  • Issue-specific data are stored and can be used again when the next output is being generated.
  • Completeness is guaranteed.
  • Only current valid data are used.
  • Compliance with corporate standards.
  • Data origins are traceable (auditable).
  • Manual rework is prohibited.
Individual output documentation
  • Outputs are configurable (eg adapted to standards, customers, industries, etc.).
  • Specifications of the individual output.
  • Output as a PDF document.
  • Transfer into the document management.

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