The Methods Tool Box.

Successful companies react quickly to new requirements and conditions. They also adapt quality and analytical methods for product development, customized to the current situation.

From requirements management to testing (Design Verification Plan) - With e1ns.methods you get customized methods tailor-made for your development process with the corresponding forms - simple, intuitive, in the Web browser. Further, you can complement the existing standard methods individually with calculations, additional data and analyses.

  • Open Form Design
  • Tailor-made methods frameworks
  • Networked methods and consistent data

Why e1ns.methods? Your benefits.

Individual & Adaptable
  • Expand existing standard methods individually through additional calculations, data and analyses.
  • Use of arbitrary calculation models for cost, default rates, etc.
  • Catalogs are adapted for analyses individually.
Simple & Web-based
  • Simple operations - like in Microsoft® Excel®
  • Work in the web browser, no (local) installation necessary.
  • Complexity becomes manageable - use filters, trace relationships and add comments to your data in the form of photos, graphics or links.
Trackable & Communicative
  • Traces describe dependencies between different data.
  • Use of traces within a form or across forms in different system elements.
  • Graphical traces index for complex relationships.
  • Places in forms can, for example, be linked to an e-mail for directly being opened, discussed, and edited.
Integration & Technology
  • Corporate data from SAP®, MES and PLM are available over interfaces and are used in the mehtod modules for analyses.
  • Easy Integration into the IT infrastructure.
  • Corporate knowledge is stored, used, and expanded centrally.

Examples of additional applications:

  • Requirements
  • Hazard Analysis
  • Risk analysis with additional columns and calculations
  • Occupational Safety
  • Design Verification Plan
  • Audit plan
  • Target Costing
  • Individual Analyses and reports
  • and other quality methods

For checking and controlling production processes

PLATO Control Plan for stable and manageable processes and the assurance of product quality.

Form sheet for planning and design of process flows

PLATO Process Flow provides with its process flowchart data for FMEAs, system analyzes and production control plans.

Form sheet for documentation of features to be checked, test procedures used and persons responsible

PLATO Inspection Plan is the foundation for any measurements taken for quality control purposes in production.

Change management with DRBFM: Success with method

PLATO DRBFM provides a systematic examination of changes to products and a creative discussion method.

Networked with the system model.

e1ns.aspects is a central tool for the development, describtion, and monitoring of a system in the product development phases using methods from e1ns.methods.

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