Modeling and visualizing processes.

PLATO e1ns.flow: Modeling and visualizing processes
PLATO e1ns.flow: The process is modeled and visualized.

With e1ns.flow, you create and model processes graphically. A process can be divided into any number of subprocesses, thus allowing you to describe the entire process chain in detail. All process elements and links are automatically transferred by e1ns.flow to a system structure that is used as a basis for additional activities in the product development process. Additional development steps create a network between the process structure and the product structure so that a common system representation is generated.

The visual representation of the process makes it easier for everyone involved to access product information, and therefore enables networked cooperation between different corporate divisions and departments.

Why e1ns.flow? Your benefits.

  • An easy introduction to the planning and modeling of processes
  • Uniform process representation throughout the company
  • Transparency in terms of data and relationships
  • Visualization of the process relationships
  • Simple access via a web browser
  • Uncomplicated operation

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