Engineering assurance.

The central document management with e1ns.documents plays a crucial role when it comes to the continuous documentation in all phases of the product development process. The central storage and management of all documents, files, and links in PLATO e1ns ensures transparency and availability of all critical information. Furthermore, the full-text indexing assures that all important information can be found via the PLATO e1ns search.

e1ns.documents interlinks documents with the product- and system development which makes it the central file system in the product development process. The software centralizes and standardizes all documents and files in the product development process so that it replaces different file storage systems in the engineering process.

e1ns.documents provides

  • An efficient filing system and overview by a combined view of projects, mile stones, actions, system structures, requirements, and functions
  • A ‘drop zone’ to store documents and files in single elements
  • An approval process for regularly in PLATO e1ns generated PDFs of artifacts (e.g. an existing requirement analysis) based on the data in the system

Why e1ns.documents? Your benefits.

Easy to use
  • Easy and intuitive use in the web browser
  • Easy file storage in the ‘drop zone’
  • The central view on projects, mile stones, actions, and system structures serves as a central point of orientation for all project participants. By that, e.g. specifications (requirements/functional specifications), risk- or hazard analyses, DVP&R etc. can easily be found and used, according to different fields of activity.
Documentation of the Product development process
  • Storage and availability of documents in the central project view, inclusively structure tree (product or system view)
  • Storage of different document types, such as documents, files, external links, texts, and method sheets (PDF)
  • The common system representation enables and encourages collaboration
Document management
  • Audit-Trail to ensure tracebility
  • Versioning and status
  • Release- and distribution process
  • Commenting
  • Tagging
  • Storage of further meta data
  • Interlinkage of documents

Supplementary e1ns Products

e1ns.documents can be combined with other PLATO products to optimize the engineering process and action management or can be used as a single module.

Solution for projects, work packages, and actions

e1ns.actions combines project management and system development. An integrated project planning tool provides the timeframe for the implementation and results.

Individual forms for engineering methods

e1ns.methods provides individual forms for the compliant implementation of engineering methods and analyses in a web application.

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