Visual Performance

A reliable base to make the right decisions!

All involved parties within the engineering process need an easy access and comfortable interface to find information about current events and trends. Key figures help, to intervene more quickly in case of emerging risks or if it gets obvious, that objectives cannot be reached. Project managers use reports to get answers to current issues. With e1ns.output you can filter data individually, analyze time intervals and provide data tables for further analysis.

With e1ns.dashboard you see the project stage at a glance. Dashboards are no longer a privilege for the management team. The dashboard provides and condenses your data. Individual filters provide analyses regarding your concrete questions. Decision makers have an easier access to project data.

  • Preparation and condensing of large amounts of data
  • Support of decision making by providing current status data
  • Visualization of project activity and complexity
  • Transparency regarding risk potentials, the maturity of analyses and projects
  • Display of action status and (due) delivery dates
  • Early identification of trends and deviation
  • Easy to use and easy to access via web browser

Why e1ns.dashboard? Your benefits.

Efficiency & Savings
  • Easy creation of key figures and easy data maintenance
  • Company-wide standardized definition of key figures
  • Easy data capturing
  • Easy data visualization
  • Use and analysis of time intervals
Reports on different issues
  • Project evaluation (activity index of actions, complexity and range, maturity level)
  • Risk monitoring (risk overview, percentage distribution of risks)
  • Actions (Status of definition of optimization measures, progress of actions, status of (due) delivery dates)
  • FMEA – evaluation progress (maturity level, progress and failure analysis)
  • Data statistics (Statistics on the maturity level of the product engineering, support for the appraisal of expenses and progress)
Transparency & Control
  • Visualization of the project status
  • Fast identification of changes and deviation
  • Negative trends are easy to recognize
  • Transparency regarding data and risks
  • Easy to use and easy to access
  • Inform better and react better
Individual Reports

PLATO completes existing standard evaluations according to your needs:

  • Key figures with preferred graphical representation
  • Reports for new evaluations
  • Further filter functionality
  • Evaluation of further data types
Easy to use
  • Simple, intuitive, and in the web browser.
  • The graphic interface displays all elements of a system.
  • Elements are created to build a system or existing elements are simply dragged into the interface and dropped at the desired location.
  • A system can be divided into any number of levels (additional worksheets).
  • Elements are connected if they depend on or have a mutual influence on each other.
  • A connection between elements can have properties (force, signal, …).
  • Photos and images for the elements are displayed directly.

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