Mastering complexity

An intelligent development process with PLATO e1ns
PLATO e1ns - Engineering-Framework

What is e1ns?

PLATO e1ns eliminates the barriers to communication and understanding often encountered in the middle of product delays and errors. Project management, system model, document control, information output, and development methods are combined in PLATO e1ns in the form of central, web-based software. The central search portal as a "single point of information" answers all your questions regarding projects, key figures, products, and risks. As outstanding innovation, e1ns also contains a methods toolbox that you can use to tailor the development methods to match your processes perfectly.


PLATO e1ns includes:

System Modeling

Project management

Document management

Output management

Methods Tool Box for free configuration of all development methods, such as requirements management, system-design, BOM management, production planning, quality management including FMEA, test management, risk management, functional safety

Ideas become products with PLATO e1ns - 100% webbased

PLATO e1ns - Engineering is so simple.

Why tame complexity using e1ns? Your benefits.

PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Added value for your company's engineering knowledge!

Added value for your company's engineering knowledge!

Using e1ns, you gain easy access to all engineering information and understand it, regardless of its source. This enables you to make the right decisions at the right time - meaning you can convert the knowledge gained in product development to positive business results.

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Greater efficiency by working together.

Greater efficiency by working together.

e1ns offers an open, integrated systematic approach in product development so that your engineering teams always have access to all engineering information available. Furthermore, the teams also have an overview of how their engineering decisions affect other disciplines. Your benefits: Thoroughly robust results due to the ability to access approved, completed, and tested (or functioning) developments. e1ns is the central hub and connects your teams regardless of where they are located!

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Prevent errors right from the start.

Prevent errors right from the start.

e1ns supports the method of continuous verification. Methods like FMEA, risk management, and functional safety reveal defects in the early phases of the development process, and these defects are thus easier and less expensive to eliminate. Together with the continuous validation, you take one step further: Early detection of potential business interruptions and help to avoid errors!

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Changes are welcome.

Changes are welcome.

In comprehensive product development, it is necessary to be able to perform activities among the disciplines and methods iteratively as well as in parallel. With e1ns, you create a network of relationships between activities and engineering data, and between disciplines and goals. Gain control over the apparently inextricable tangle of activities and the newly discovered requirements! The activity management system of e1ns helps you gain control over the iterative application of the engineering tools, methods, and technologies.

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Focus on the system model.

Focus on the system model.

Deriving the design decisions that make the most sense for a given application scenario is no problem with PLATO e1ns. This is because the models entered in e1ns illustrate the relationships and integration interactions between system elements. In connection with different methods, this allows you to predict the behavior, examine architectural alternatives early in the development process, and evaluate the results of your exploration.

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Leaving traces.

Leaving traces.

An essential function of PLATO e1ns is to create links, referred to as traces, throughout the entire systems engineering database. This provides you with an optimal overview of the relationships between causes and their effects. It is easy to propagate changes throughout a system structure. e1ns visualizes the most important elements in the system element, function, and failure nets in order to achieve comprehensive traceability.

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Your Excel data in e1ns.

Your Excel data in e1ns.

You want to make your Excel data available for global evaluations and process control? In e1ns, you can use these forms. They are up to date and easy to find, network, and control, and are available immediately and globally for your development process. Data is transported automatically and securely from one worksheet to the next. The flow of data is guarantees and does not depend on manual intervention any more.

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PLATO e1ns - The Engineering-Framework - Securing engineering.

Securing engineering.

Important results from development generated by Excel as well as many other special tools as artifacts have a secure and easily accessible place in the engineering framework using e1ns. The ability to edit, version, and approve them is guaranteed. The content and metadata of these documents can be found immediately using a full-text index. Everything is designed for simple and intuitive use.

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The components of the e1ns engineering framework.


Model-based engineering.


Performance visualization.


Integrated collaboration.


Engineering assurance.


The Methods Tool Box.


Engineering proof.


Smart connections.


Modeling and visualizing processes.

Integrating participants.

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