DRBFM - Success by method

DRBFM stands for

  • Design
  • Review
  • Based On
  • Failure
  • Mode.

It is a new development-related method that is increasingly used in industry.
Its primary goal is to make the change management into an integral part of the development process.
Product changes, new customer requirements, specification changes and modification of the application have had massive problems and recalls result in the past.
DRBFM provides a systematic consideration of the change of products and a creative discussion method to master change processes in successful teamwork.

High potential for error with changes

The method DRBFM is the result of the realization that changes contain the highest potential for error,
regardless whether for reasons of cost, innovation pressure or demand reasons (laws) of products, systems or processes will be changed.

Change management with DRBFM: Success with method

PLATO DRBFM provides a systematic examination of changes to products and a creative discussion method.

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