The PLATO AG has been providing companies with support for product and process development since 1992. Their solutions for engineering and compliance supply a consistent data concept covering all phases from requirements analysis to production.

In the field of engineering, PLATO solutions provide support for the entire development process, starting with customer requirements and the specification to risk analysis and the actions resulting from the analysis.

In the area of quality management and compliance, PLATO offers workflow-supported solutions for the management of specification documents, for facilitating the entire audit process, and for centralaction management.

We know your development process and the problems you typically face.

We are thinking and feeling like our customers.

The only way you’ll be able to develop products that fully meet your customers’ wants and needs is to develop from your customers’ perspective.

We’ve been optimizing development processes for more than 20 years. Our broad practical experience in a variety of industries lets us quickly feel “at home” in your individual process flows and structures.

You can expect more than just the right software tools from us. We’ll also give you ideas, be your partner in implementation, and solve complex problems in your development environment.