QFD - Deployment of the quality characteristics

QFD stands for:

  • Quality
  • Function
  • Deployment.

It is a method of ensuring the identification and implementation of all customer requirements throughout the process of creating a product.

SCIO™-Matrix : Fast method of system analysis

System analysis based on QFD, requirements analysis and variant management.

We provide you with tools for risk management, document control, audit and measures management that meet the high demands of your industry, the utmost respect.

PLATO SCIO™-Risk Management

Risk and Knowledge Management in the customer-oriented development of products and processes.

PLATO XERI™-Document Control System

Guiding documents with system. Your industry-independent software solution for document control.

PLATO AQTIO™-Measures Management System

Initiation, implementation, and for the control of measures in your business.

PLATO AUDIT-Management System

Complete planning, verification and documentation of your audit process.