PLATO SCIO™-Importer

Import data for FMEAs from Microsoft Excel

Fig. 1: FMEA form after importing in to the PLATO SCIO database

The PLATO SCIO-Importer is an optional module for the PLATO SCIO product family. The PLATO SCIO-Importer can import existing FMEA analyses in a company in the PLATO SCIO database with little effort. FMEAs are then processed further, archived, or used to build a knowledge base with PLATO SCIO.

How it works

The PLATO SCIO-Importer is primarily used to import FMEA forms that have been created with MS Excel. It is not important in this case which form is selected in MS Excel. The PLATO SCIO-Importer can be set up to enable the import of various „Excel“ forms.

The PLATO SCIO-Importer is designed so that FMEAs can be transferred into other file formats as well. The only requirement is that the files contain tab-separated text (e.g. ASCII files).

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