PLATO SCIO™-Process-Flow

PLATO SCIO™-Process-Flow forms and visualizes process flows.

PLATO SCIO™-Process-Flow

PLATO SCIO™-Process-Flow forms and visualizes process flows. The logical sequence of production, inspection, and assembly steps and all other movements of a product (transport, storage, etc.) is analyzed and documented. The representation of the entire flow, including concurrent processes and their interactions, helps to detect the possible causes of a fault.

Your Benefit

Application and Use
  • Planning and documentation of process flows
  • Visualization of processes for documented procedures
  • Forms the basis for the identification and analysis of disruptive factors on machines and materials, and when there are problems with the methods
  • Serves as preparation for an FMEA or for planning a new project or a new process
  • Supplies data for production control plans
Main Features and Functions

Support for the engineering process

  • The process flow chart is already needed in the design phase of a new product.
  • Process and product assumptions are documented.
  • It supplies information on the design of the process and on the „feasibility" of the product and process.

Consistent data

  • A change or update to a process is automatically propagated to all other forms affected (FMEA, Control plan, system analysis, etc.).
  • Critical process and product features are consistently identified and updated.
  • A process FMEA and a production control plan are generated from a process flow chart at the "click of a button". Conversely, a process flow chart can be generated based on an FMEA or a Control plan.


  • Visualizes relationships between the steps of a process
  • Can be printed out as a graphic or as a table via MS Excel 
  • Archiving of any planning state you desire (sign off)

Quick and easy operation

  • Creation of a new Control plan using the drag&drop function.
  • Flexible reorganization and sorting of process steps.
  • Process steps or subprocesses can be added at any time.
  • You can switch immediately from a process step to the risk analysis of the process step, for example in the system analysis or in the Control plan.

PLATO SCIO™ - Building and sharing a knowledge base

The modules of the PLATO SCIO™ product family are optimized for their particular application. All modules use a common database and can add or update data. You can systematically build a knowledge base that is available now for all applications.

The main focus of PLATO SCIO™-Process-Flow is the production planning phase. A "preliminary" process flow chart with process assumptions is usually created already during the requirements planning phase. PLATO SCIO™-Process-Flow supplies the basis for the process FMEA and PLATO SCIO™-Control-Plan.

Branches and Standards

PLATO SCIO-Process-Flow is used for production processes in industry, assembly processes, and processes in quality management and for services, etc. QS 9000 and IATF 16949 require the generation of process flow charts. They are necessary as PPAP documents for the „Production Part Approval Process“ release process.

The FAO/WHO HACCP Standard (ALINORM 97/13A, Annex II) requires the creation of process flow charts. PLATO SCIO -Process-Flow presents the flow charts according to DIN 10503: Food Hygiene.

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