PLATO SCIO™-Fault-Tree

The method for effective and creative troubleshooting.

Fig.: Creative problem analysis

The fast analysis of weak spots and the finding of creative solutions is the job of SCIO™-Fault-Tree. Fault tree and system analyses are performed with SCIO™-Fault-Tree. Cause and effects chains are displayed graphically and selectively processed.

Your Benefit

SCIO™-Application and Use

Qualitative Fault Tree Analysis

  • A creativity tool very suited for use in brainstorming and teamwork.
  • Cause and effects chains are visualized.
  • Faster structuring of fault trees at any depth; helps you to find failures using suggestion lists.

Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis

  • The analysis examines database knowledge, i.e. all failures found in FMEAs.
  • Complex system interactions and the interactions of effects are linked together in failure networks and then displayed.
  • The failure networks that are generated in the quantitative analysis form the basis for the generation in FMEAs of the effects of failures from top-level FMEAs and the causes of failures from sub-FMEAs.
  • The probabilities of failure (non-availability) can be calculated via failure networks.

Simple operation

  • Very easy, intuitive operation. Data can be moved flexibly (via drag & drop) in the fault tree.
  • The work method supports creativity.
  • Structures are displayed so they are easy to understand.

Automatic FMEA generation

  • FMEAs are created from fault trees. When this is done, failures, causes, and effects are automatically copied to an FMEA form.
  • The results of the analyses from the creative brainstorming sessions then become part of the knowledge in the database    

Analysis of problems and weak points, researching causes

  • Examination of concepts
  • Calculation of non-availability (DIN)
  • Production of failure networks and failure links using complex systems/FMEAs
  • Preliminary phase of an FMEA

PLATO SCIO - Building and sharing a knowledge base The modules of the PLATO SCIO product family are optimized for their particular application. All modules use a common database and can add or update data. You can systematically build a knowledge base that is available now for all applications.

PLATO SCIO-Fault-Tree supports the design and planning phases and supplies data for the FMEA. It is also used when problems occur when developing innovative products or critical processes.

Branches and Standards

LATO SCIO-Fault-Tree is used to analyze products and processes, and is universally suited for use in all branches of industry.

Quantitative fault tree analyses are performed according to the specifications in DIN 25 424 Part 1+2.

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